Why I Love Essential Oils and Recommend you do too

05 May 2014

Posted by karen
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As a holistic nutritionist, healthy food solutions for wellness are pretty much right at the top of the list - of course, along with other lifestyle habits like getting enough sleep, exercise, drinking water and more. In spite of diligent efforts for health, however, we injure ourselves; have sore muscles, headaches and indigestion; plus a host of other afflictions that can show up from living in an imperfect world. Our medical system (believe me, I am so thankful for the privileged country I live in with access to modern medicine) offers help in many ways, very often in a chemical form which can be effective but also carries side effects.

Thus my love for essential oils. 

My introduction to essential oils was drinking peppermint tea, cooking with dried and ground herbs, and using oil of oregano and melaleuca (a.k.a.tea tree oil). The oregano for niggling ear, nose, and throat symptoms and the tea tree for fungal issues: both were effective treatments - and still are - but essential oils were not on my radar for personal use or in my work as a holistic nutritionist.

That changed a year ago.

My daughter-in-law, Dawna, was exploring treatment options for one of her boys (my youngest grandson) who'd been diagnosed with Henoch-Schönlein Purpura (HSP) a year earlier. Mainstream medical treatment offered solutions that looked very bleak for their son long term. As parents with a passion and philosophy that "food is medicine", my son and his wife researched for more holistic possibilities.

Dawna's quest directed her to Dr. Brian Clement from the Hippocrates Health Institute. His dietary recommendations proved to be helpful (basically a raw diet), but the implementation of therapeutic grade essential oils blew everything 'out of the water'. Joah's health improved dramatically - with blood and urine tests originally showing a number 3 or more in protein down to 0, where it should be. This positive healthier journey continues to bless him with an amazing prognosis; and his whole family have joined him in using and reaping the benefits of essential oils. 

Watching these changes piqued my own interest; along with a growing inventory I am learning and experiencing enough to be excited and convinced about these natural, aromatic healing tools to fill my 'medicine' chest.

Essential oils include a myriad of plant 'medicines' and seasonings and health enhancers with specific properties that I couldn't begin to cover here but I have included some things that have worked for me and others, as well as links for you to start exploring your own path with essential oils.

Cypress -  good for relaxing tight neck muscles, as well as a blend called Deep Blue.

Rosemary - worked well for sore achilles tendon after running two consecutive days.

Frankincense - I use this for so many things (its effectiveness makes up for its expense!); one of my favourite uses is for calmness and 'feel good' properties. My husband thinks it's a great after-shave - I agree - nothing but the best for this guy. Also, this oil is particularly interesting historically

Melaleuca has been a wonderful help for a condition my husband gets every winter. Our Scottish neighbour calls it chilblains (his father was a doctor so he could well be right); however you diagnose the itchy, red swelling between the toes, it was irritating to no end. Putting a few drops of Melaleuca on these areas - both as a solution and a prevention - worked great for Derryl this winter. Melalueca, mixed along with another great healing oil, lavender, recently came to the rescue again for my husband: again in his toes! This time it was to treat a burn when a small slice of hot metal fell off our decrepit barbeuce and landed right between two toes, immediately creating a blister. With very little air getting at it to heal, especially with being inside socks and workshoes all day, this was getting to be a 'real pain' - we finally clued in and gave the melaleuca and lavender combo a try. Healed up nicely. (Another benefit of this: we now have a new barbecue that isn't spewing bits of itself on unsuspecting 'victims'.)

Adult emergency department using essential oils to reduce workplace stress.

Owie Spray: the Power of Essential OIls - some pretty amazing pictures of healing. 

A Prairie Homesteader Girl - lots of interesting information and story material written by a joyful homesteader writer.

Joybilee Farm - a great resource for "foraging" into herbal and "homesteader" remedies.

A couple recipes for treatments

Head-Ache Fixer - adapted from Joybilee Farm

28 drops peppermint

8 drops eucalyptus

6 drops melaleuca

6 drops rosemary

3 drops lavender

barely 1 drop vetiver

Mix together in small, dark-coloured glass bottle. For headache, place 2-3 drops on your finger and rub along the hairline, either at the back of the neck or along the edge of your face (careful not to get in your eyes.). Always drinkg lots of water too, as headaches often occur due to dehydration.

Winter Blues Buster - to add to your Diffuser

4 drops wild orange

3 drops lavender

2 drops Frankincense

Add to 70-80 ml water and use in diffuser. This is a great combination to use in the evening to help experience a good night's sleep.

AromaTouch Technique 

This technique has been designed by doTERRA. I took the course to become certified in applying eight essential oils to benefit clients to help reduce stress, assist immune health, fight inflammation and restore homeostatis - a hands-on addition to my holistic nutrition business. Unfortunately this can not be applied online - but if you are in the Lunenburg County area of NS and are interested, do contact me to set up an appointment for this very relaxing and healing 45-minute treatment.

I hope this information has been helpful for you. I am not an expert in essential oils - just learning and experimenting what works for me and learning from others. If you are also on this natural medicine route, let me know what works for you.


Disclaimer. I use doTERRA oils so am most familiar with this company, but I am not proposing to push this brand on you. However, for the healthiest results, I recommend you choose certified pure, therapeutic-grade oils that do not use rapid processing or chemical intervention of any kind. Again, I am not a doctor and my comments are not to be taken as medical advice - they are simply what has worked for other people or myself. 

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