What’s Missing? When You Try To Help Your Family Lose Weight

09 Apr 2014

Posted by karen
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This earthy-looking photo has a bowl with whole grain, and a half loaf of bread baked with a high percentage of organic Red Fife flour. Looking at these two, any thoughts on what could be 'missing' from the loaf of bread?

Your answer might be, "the bread isn't made from whole grain, so it probably has white flour added to it, thus missing some of the nutrients." A great answer.

Any thoughts about what might be missing in this absolutely white bread?

One saavy answer could be that all the bran and germ are missing because it appears to have been made totally with white flour. 

I propose at least one other not-so-obvious missing item. Magnesium. Refining grains removes 80-97 percent of magnesium and even though flour is often "enriched", magnesium is not included. And that is isignificant, because magnesium is an important energy-giving component that we expect to be found in foods containing grains

I'm citing this example to show, that at first glance or thought, we often don't know what is missing.

This 'what's missing' concept also translates to road blocks in other important areas, like wellness and weight loss (which incidentally, includes bread and vitamins and chemicals)!

As a holistic nutritional consultant I see weight loss and wellness success with many overweight people, specifically as they work through a four-or-eight week In Balance program that is:

-- real
-- practical
-- manageable
-- and sustainable.

It is not a fad or far out diet. Truthfully it is quite normal and back to basics. I hear feedback like: "I've got my life back", "I feel so much better - I'm more rested, not bloated, I had to buy smaller jeans and I've already lost 12 pounds!" 

In Balance works for adults and families. That's why I'm sharing this great offer to help you find out 'what's missing' with past attempts and to help you realize long-term weight loss for you and your child or teen. 

Once you discover: what is the missing information, how to put that missing information into place in busy family life, and understand the emotional foundations that can trip your family while moving towards a healthy weight range - that missing information becomes amazing and life-changing.

This can be the turning point because In Balance:

-- taps into all the primary causes for obesity
-- is different
-- is for life
-- works!

If you or someone you love has a child or teen that is struggling with excess weight, please attend this free webinar  - Ten Mistakes Parents Make When They Help Their Child or Teen Try to Lose Weight (discover what's missing) and be sure to pass along the registration details to those who could use the information and support! 

As you stop making mistakes that create obesity, you can move towards safely and effectively tackling the excess weight. Register for our free webinar Saturday, April 26, 10am PST, and help your child or teen discover a healthy appropriate weight forever!

My colleague, Brenda Wollenberg, and I look forward to having you join us.

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