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24 Sep 2012

Posted by karen
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I am back in school. Well, not really. But I have been back in training mode - which has led me to my new affiliation.

I am a consultant with In Balance - which means I now offer wellness and weight loss programs that can help participants:

- get off the weight loss merry-go-round

- renew energy

- gain better overall health. 


What are some of the wellness solutions presented by In Balance? 


DOES NOT Focus on:

- calories in/calories out

- exercise more and eat less

- if you just work hard enough you'll look like the images on fashion magazines

DOES Focus on:

- the physical and emotional relationships we have with food

- discovering food foundations to eat for health

- our personal body type

- laughter and play

- rest and quality sleep

- clean, good water

The above factors influenced my partnering with In Balance. But when I read their motto, I was convinced.

REAL FOOD.  REAL BODIES.  REAL HEALTH.       This has been my gig all along!


This program works! Comments from satisfied participants:

"I didn't want to be like so many others who simply accept that they are overweight and live their life out that way. But I needed direction, some kind of path to follow. In Balance provided this. It's unbelievable how much better I felt in only 4 weeks." Ian.M. (Four months later, the weight is still coming off - now at the 16-pound mark.)

"I've lost 20 pounds, I love how this program works. It's not about being hungry, it's about eating the right, real foods for me." O.P.

"Karen has been so encouraging and a wealth of information to get me on the right track with In Balance. She's helped me put into practical application, that which I so needed." Rita F.


I offer this program both for "in-person" sessions or online.

Please feel free to share the word - and contact me if you have any questions about In Balance, real food nutrition, or other related topics.

When what you're doing isn't working, it's time to try something real, unique and effective. 


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